Cutting Edge

Montana Cornerstone is a decentralized organization serving all of Montana and beyond. We are a group of amature-professionals offering customized technological services for anyone who wants to bring their business into the next era.

Website Design

We offer some of the most agile website design services in the business - check out our service page to see our features and options!

Graphics Design

Logos, business cards, stationary, banners, billboards you name it!


We do the work for you, and get you the best advertising that fits the needs of your business.

Technological Consulting Services

Need a point of sale system, new computer network, or a better wireless network for your coffee shop? We can help! Check out our services section for even more details.

We are proud of our work

We stand behind every single one of our solutions, and we feature the best ones here. We never leave a project until it is done above the standards of each client.

We have the right solutions

Click Below to read a comprehensive list of the services we provide. Then, give us a shout so we can help you and provide more detailed solutions!

The best team available

Montana Cornerstone Group is a consulting based company. We consist of one point of contact, our owner, and the rest of the work you assign is completed by students or companies who work on contract with us.

Keegan Nicholson

My name is Keegan Nicholson, I am the founder and owner of Montana Cornerstone. I am an avid lover of modern innovation and efficiency, I have discovered that there are a lot of things that developers and technology consultants could do better in their businesses. So I made a company that works with some of the most innovative technology and employs inspired students to help advance the next generation of professionals.

Keegan Nicholson
Brooke Bezanson
Graphics Designer

For growing up in a small town, Brooke has big dreams of owning her own animation studio. Growing out of her talent for Anime, she also became exceptionally good at creative advertising and design for companies and businesses that wanted a fresh spin on their company. Today, along with working at Mackenzie River, Brooke is Cornerstone's signature graphics designer.

Brooke Bezanson
Graphics Designer

Contact us

Although our office is decentralized, we primarily float between Missoula and Bozeman. Drop us a line or an email and we would love to chat and schedule an appointment to meet with you personally.


Bozeman, Missoula