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Millions of consumers rely on websites to connect to businesses and services. Many small to medium sized businesses are used to relying on word of mouth and business cards. To connect with your audience, you need a good website, that is powerful and easy to understand. We do that! Our web design services are the only thing that we do in house, because I believe in a different quality of service than most other companies.

  • Easy to edit – we develop on the WordPress platform: a free and open source website platform supported by millions – we show you how to make any changes to any part of the site so YOU can maintain control of your business, without getting stuck paying someone to edit your website for the rest of your life.
  • Back-end setup – we don’t just design, we install. We guide you through the setup from finding a domain, to bringing your site live. We give you a comprehensive list of companies to provide your services, and you can choose what suits your needs and budget, and we handle the rest of the setup.
  • You own your site – So many web-design companies retain the passwords and login credentials to the sites they build, and never give them back to the site owner. This just isn’t right! When we build you a site, at the end of our business, we provide you with a comprehensive datasheet that lists all the access codes and passwords we set on your site, that way you have access to the services you own and pay for, and that way you don’t have to have any conversation with us if you decide to take your business to another company for further edits. We understand!

Looking for graphics or a refreshed image for your business? We do that! Montana Cornerstone has relationships with several Graphics Design major college students who are working hard to professionalize their skills and learn about working in real world situations. We guarantee your project will be completed to your satisfaction. If your product does need a more professional touch, we also have relationships with professional corporations that can give you exactly the product you need.

  • Logo design – we design business logos, and can find some creative ways for customers to see your business in a new, catchy format
  • Business card design – companies like VistaPrint constrain you to a small selection of templates, and your business didn’t come out of a template! Software like Publisher and InDesign can be hard to manipulate if you don’t know the ins and outs of the system. Let us make you a customized business card that catches the eye, and can be printed anywhere. We don’t stop until your product looks exactly how you want it.
  • Stationary, billboards, signs, etc. – We design those too! Although we can’t hook you up with a billboard, we can certainly help you make one! If you need any type of sign or message for the world to see, let us make it for you. We also can arrange connections with companies that can help you print and produce your final design.

If you’re new to the web, you have to fight to be listed first. Everyone knows that most people don’t scroll past the first google search page. Let us help you with that! We can also help with more mainstream forms of advertising.

  • SEO – also known as Search Engine Optimization. We give you the right key-words and tech tools to get your business listed first. Although we aren’t experts in it, we work hard to make sure we get you a good start. If immediate visibility on the web is a high priority, we have relationships with freelance developers who are well versed in the realm of SEO.
  • Google Business listing – ever wonder how Google can directly list local businesses at the top of its web-results? It’s through their version of “yellow pages” – putting your listing in to Google Business’s database is crucial to getting you recognized and listed on the web…the best part? It’s free!
  • Main Stream Advertising consulting – Want to advertise on the radio or television? Sometimes getting started with that can be a daunting task! We work with the major radio corporations and television broadcast stations to get you the right amount of advertising for the best price. We can also help you in recording your advertisement for television or radio!

This is the most broad-based field of our company, and also provides you the most bang for your buck. Do you feel like your company could be running more efficiently on new technology? Feel like your software could be outdated? Need to just talk to someone about how your technological infrastructure is working? We do that! We offer consulting services for your business to help you run more efficiently. Our first consultation is free, so you have the ability to ask us all your computer questions with no obligation! We feel that advice is priceless.

No matter if your business is an office complex, or a multi story hotel – making sure your software and hardware is running properly is easy. We do on-site services, as well as remote support, and work daily with the following major softwares:

  • Office 365 and Microsoft Azure
  • CloudBed Hotel Software
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Ubiquiti Networks OS
  • Training for Salesforce
  • Network Infrastructure Analysis – Does it always seem like your computers are running slow? Do you look at that grey box in the corner and cringe at what would happen if it dies? Let us help you out with that! When companies grow without someone dedicated to manage their computers, oftentimes networks get a little out of hand. We have over 10 years of experience in small to medium sized network engineering and design. Oftentimes all you need is for someone to come in and clean out that scary closet of wires! We optimize your network with new, commercial grade technology without breaking the bank. That way you can be reassured that your network and computers are reliable and fast all the time. We utilize the latest network infrastructure gear provided by Ubiquiti networks, a company providing top-of-the-line enterprise grade network gear, for a price competitive for any small to medium sized business.
  • Security Camera Systems – Security Camera systems can be expensive, costly, and hard to maintain. We sell a brand new state-of-the-art security camera suite made by a company called Ubiquiti. Using top of the line, tested and high quality hardware and software, these systems oftentimes can outperform systems that cost you thousands of dollars. Using the latest in HD camera lenses, and motion sensing technology, encompassed by a high-quality monitoring software, that lets you see your live feeds from anywhere in the world.
  • Server maintenance and management – There are a lot of companies that use a centralized computer to store information for programs such as quickbooks, or other order tracking systems, as well as important shared documents and files. Many standard desktops are not equipped to handle this type of traffic and are more prone to failure. We offer competitive server installation and management services. Servers put your company data onto multiple redundant systems, to give you a much firmer guarantee that your data stays safe secure and uncorrupted, even when hardware fails.
  • Software Design – If your company is running on software that was made in 1990, it may be time for an upgrade. We service a multitude of different software needs. We go out and research for you, the best software that will suit your needs, whether you need upgrades from your old system, or a brand new system to handle your rapidly growing company.
    • Turnkey Software – as a more cost effective alternative, if your company needs new software, we go out and do the research on pre-existing software that already is tried and true, and has dedicated pricing and support. Most of the time this is all companies need, because there is a solution for almost every problem out there!
    • Custom built software – We have relationships with several custom software designers who are well known for building systems that are guaranteed to stand the test of commercial environments. If you need a customized solution that is tailored directly to your business, we can work with you to come up with effective technology that cannot be found anywhere else!